To show a bit extensive use of XO-CHIP new audio capability, as music driver, as well as an utility to make ease of creating musics with 52 predefined samples, and 12 user definable samples.


Tracker's Interface parts

Interface control:

  • Press 4 for XO-Tracker main title
  • Press R for a simplistic Tracker Interface
  • Press F for synthesia view
  • Press V to reveal the song's cover image

Song control:

  • Press 1 and 3 to switch song, 2 to pause/resume song
  • Press Q, A, to seek through song by frame. (Q page up, A page down)
  • Press Z, X, C, to control tickrate. (Z lower, C higher, X reset)

There are two songs included in this demo, which would be used on "Tsukite The Bananafox" game. The overworld theme is originally written for XO-Tracker, while the main theme was covered from 

As a side note, this program took over 3584 bytes for main program codes. There's no editor in-program implemented, hence the main focus here is the source code you can tinker with. Open this link on new window and drag this cartridge to the new window page.

The reason to use my fork of Octo is the piano keys in Tool Box > Audio Tools, which come in handy for this.

When you done with everything, you can put the data to the clean version of the music driver here or


to be used on your own program

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XOTrackerMusicDriverOnly.8o 30 kB
XOTrackerDemov0.1.2.8o 111 kB
XOTrackerDemov0.1.2.ch8 19 kB
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  • Press A, Z, to seek through song by frame.
  • Press Z, X, C, to control tickrate.

Wait, so what is Z supposed to do? It seems to be reducing the tickrate, while Q is the other key for skipping/rewinding the song.

Oh sorry mistyped, itd obvious when you are on the Tracker Mode interface